Saturday, June 23, 2012

9 weeks

Thomas continues to be a fantastic baby and addition to our home. He is so well behaved, he even slept from 8pm to 6am! Some may say that it's a fluke, but a mom can be hopeful, right?!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family Time in TC

If I could have my husband plan everything I definitely would...I have to admit that he single-handedly planned most of our wedding, the honeymoon getaway and every vacation since. He has a fantastic gift for choosing great destination spots and excursions once there while still getting the best deal possible. His most recent locale was Traverse City, Michigan. We rented a cute cottage across from Lake Michigan and had a relaxing "up north" experience. The first full morning of our trip we were loading up the car when Kate comes out of her room, declares that she feels "sick" and runs into her bedroom (side note, her room has a bunk bed which she shared with Joseph...She was ecstatic because she got the top bunk and Joseph could not have been happier that to share a room with his big sis on the "cool bottom bunk"). I was acutely disappointed because we were heading to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and I knew we would all enjoy it, so I followed Kate into the bedroom only to fin her on the top bunk with the most forlorn face imaginable. I asked her if she really truly felt sick to which she replied in a very sad voice," Mommy, I really am not feeling sick, I am just full of sadness". Trying to hide my smile and keep from laughing, I asked the reason for this sadness. The answer? "Because I do not want to leave this home." Needless to say I was able to convince her that she would have a lot of fun and that we were definitely coming back to the house...She not only made it up the dunes but wanted to go further and proved to be quite the explorer. We also had a fun family member/photographer join us for a few days...Thanks Auntie Li for all your help! A canoe ride with the older two kids, round of golf with Michael, multiple stops for amazing ice cream, late night grocery shopping with Li at Tom's, pirate's put put, rainy day shopping and good ol' movie time as a family when the weather did not cooperate...we had a great family getaway!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 months with Thomas

2 months . 11 pounds . 22 inches . perfection. Thomas, it is as if you have always been a part of our are so well behaved and relaxed, you only make a fuss when it is time for you to eat, if crying does occur you settle down almost immediately upon hearing your big brother or sister trying to soothe you. You began to coo and smile this week and we love, love, love it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Babushka or baboushka (from Russian: ба́бушка; IPA: [ˈbabʊʂkə], meaning "grandmother" or "old woman") may refer to: A Western term for a woman's headscarf tied below the chin in the Eastern European manner. During her nap/quiet time, I recently found Kate in her room with one of my scarf headbands around her head. She was excited to show me her "bonnet". I re-positioned the scarf to cover more of her head and told her that she had on a babushka. Kate: What is a babushka? Me: (as I show her what she looks like in a mirror) It is like a bonnet that Granny (my grandma, her great grandma) used to wear to keep her hair clean when she was working hard in the fields as a little girl. Kate: (a tremendous smile coming over her expressive face, she responds, gleaming and voice filled with pride) I look like I am ready to plant in the fields, Mom!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moments to Remember toddler's hand dimples that show so well when he tries to "hide" by covering his eyes. JoJo you make me smile all day, everyday. You are quick to apologize when you need to do so, quick to help and perform your task at hand with such enthusiasm as if it were the most important thing in the world, you love your baby brother and adore your big sister. You started intermittently calling me "Mom" instead of "Mama", which means you are growing up much too quickly. Yet you still love kisses, hugs and songs at bedtime. ...the picture I saw while watching out my front window yesterday...We have new neighbors moving in 5 houses down from us and Michael took Kate for a short walk to say hello. Holding hands, chatting as they went and Kate dressed in a purple cotton summer dress and crocs, skipping along (more of a step, hop, step, hop than a true skip), I watched as two of my most favorite people disappeared down the street and felt my heart melt and smile. Katie Bug Lady Bug, thanks for being my girl! We could not have designed you more delightful!