Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Ol' Myrtle Beach

A friend who casually invites husband for golf weekend, new job beginning for wife in near future, gracious parents who have an available timeshare and want to see us, need to get away from winter, memories to be made on a LONG family road trip = great time had in North Myrtle Beach!

Suprise visit to my Aunt Laura's adorable home in the countryside of South Carolina, Put Put Golfing, Alligator Adventure, Kate got to visit a real "bog" which was a highlight for her for some reason (love that she chose to wear her safari hat), seashell gathering by the pier with Mama Lynn who helped rescue the "sleeping" crab Kate found, sandcastles with Papa T, hanging out with family friends, visit to Calabash for hushpupies (a childhood memory of mine), quality time with just the four of us in the car all the way there and back again!

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a wonderful week of memories with you and the kids!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fruit of the Spirit

A few weeks ago, I was challenged to improve some character issues...issues which can only be corrected by the grace of our loving Father and by walking according to His plan. In a nutshell, living out the fruit of the spirit. I figured that the kids could join in the character improving experience and this is a picture of what we have been learning (although we are far from complete, it has been fun):

Loving Lemon, Joyful Apple, Peaceful Pear, Patient Pluot, Kind Kiwi, Good Grape, Thankful Banana, Gentle Guava (I know, its really a mango, but I haven't found a guava in all of Michigan, so we are calling it a guava), Faithful Star Fruit, Obedient Orange (our version of "self control")

big boy bed beginnings

Successful first nap in "big boy bed"...still to be set up but thought it would be less traumatic to accidentally roll off just the mattress versus a real bed for starters.

Sweet JoJo, you are growing up so fast! Soon you will no longer be the baby in the house.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waffles Year 2

Another wonderful year has begun, which means another intense all-church fasting has taken place, thereby being broken with an evening of glorious true Belgian waffles and friends gathered around the table to partake. Thanks to our generous host family who know how to make the greatest breakfast in the world!

Snowy Afternoon--e few weeks ago

For Michigan standards this winter has been very mild. Even though I knew better, I was beginning to wonder if the kids were going to get to dress up and play in snow...well, they got their wish for a snow-filled afternoon and I got my wish of a snow-filled afternoon in which the snow melts the very next day! Snow angels,and snowballs, snowy swing rides, snow cones too.

Kate, you love to jump into any type of adventure. Your creativity and humerous comments keep Daddy and I laughing. Jo-Jo, you tend to take a more cautious approach unless it means running into walls, diving out of shopping carts or rolling off the counter, then you go all out. But once you discover how much fun the adventure of the day entails, your smile lights up your handsome face and the fun begins.