Monday, December 20, 2010

Molloy Threet Night

Molloy-Threet Nights date back to at least six years ago when there were a lot less kids in our families and the grown ups could actually get in a good conversation and maybe even play a game! We had a great evening together...Shannon made sugar cookies and the kids gobbled them up...Can't recall if these pics were before or after cookies!

7 months came & went

Our sweet, boy turned 7 months the day we moved into our new home. Thought the past month has been a bit of a whirlwind, it has been filled with wonderful memories...But needless to say, I have been slacking on the updates. So this is what our munchkin is doing presently...He is finally sitting well without assistance or propping, he loves tummy time and can scoot nearly anywhere if he wants to get there bad enough, has four teeth and is teething yet again, and is entertained by making a horrid grinding sound, loves to cuddle at night, laughs if you look at him with a big smile, has singlehandedly wrecked "Bethlehem" (Kate's nativity that she spends forever setting up just so) several times, can hold his bottle through an entire feeding, still is a "happy spitter upper", loves any green veggies, won't eat fruit, it ticklish everywhere but especially his lower back. He daily brings us great joy with his happy grins, precious face and I so desperately wish I could bottle up/freeze/hold on to this time.

Happy 8 months, Baby Boy!

Camel Confusion

Conversation with Kate several days ago:

Me: Kate, did you know that Papa T moved to a new house just like you did?

Kate: Where does he live now?

Me: In the desert.

Kate (excited and clapping her hands): Oh, we can go visit him and ride the camels!

Monday, December 6, 2010

ThAnkSgIvinG VisItOrS

We are so thankful for the long journey that you made to come visit us in this frigid land. Love you Papa T, Mama Lynn and Auntie Lala! We missed you Uncle Jeff and Uncle Justin

Snapshot of the past 3 weeks

In the past three weeks we have moved into a lovely new house which has quickly become home, unpacked, decorated for Christmas, my parents and sister visited for Thanksgiving, we had the "soup" portion of a progressive dinner, Joseph has learned to army crawl, Kate is talking nonstop, Michael has raked more leaves than he thought possible AND we are enjoying every minute of it!
I finally am able to use all the ornaments my mom gave me each year for my very own Christams tree. Decorating it with the kids was a dream come true
Say cheese
Tutu Cute

Story time with Kate
I love my squash
Kate set up her Veggie Tales Nativity and loves playing with all the characters (except on of the kings because he has a "yellow" tooth...he should have brushed his teeth better i suppose)
Two happy kids
Thanksgiving party with her little friends where they made indian hats, made leaves for the "Thankful Tree" and had a Thanksgiving feast
Nothing quite like a humongous pile of leaves

something that makes this mom smile

Teach your children in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it...

Christmas List

While driving home tonight I asked Kate what some of her family members might like for Christmas gifts. These were her answers in her exact words:

Daddy wants a spider web
Papa T wants a nap
Mama Lynn wants a car
Auntie Lauren wants a tree, a pretty pink tree
Uncle Jeff wants a house
Uncle Justin wants a stop sign
Baby Joseph wants a toy

When asked what she would like for Christmas, she replied whithout hesitation, "PRESENTS!"

If only each Christmas could be this easy!!!