Wednesday, January 29, 2014

major catch up

It has been a full summer, fall and beginning of winter for our family. Our home is filled with an 20 month old that climbs objects not meant for climbing, eats everything in site and yet is as easy going as they come...a three year old who is a great mix between sweet cuddles and wild ninja..a kindergartner who loves to ride the bus and have "club meetings" with neighborhood friends in the backyard tree house. A spring trip to northern Michigan for Moomers ice cream and sand dunes is becoming a family tradition.Also eventful, my parents flew from across the country to stay with our kids so Michael and I could make a visit to South Africa. While there, our team recorded a CD of the Key of Hope Kids Choir (see here for more exciting updates on the CD and the tour they just completed ). Our trip concluded with safari and breathtaking mountain hikes. Time continues to fly by. My youngest brother graduated from college in Florida last month. Kate and I were glad to have fun girl time together and flew down to visit. Thanksgiving...wonderful and gone. Christmas...busyness combined with relaxing family times by the fireplace...over already. In the thick of January, feeling a bit like we are in a remote village in the Himalaya's; life is full, blessed and generally speaking, grand. Oh, we certainly have moments to be sure. Though I am working very hard at not letting the rough moments overpower the joy, contentment, laughter, calm. Recap on months gone by, thoroughly enjoyed and meant to be remembered.