Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas one and all 2009!

We had a lovely Christmas this year and Kate especially enjoyed all of the gift opening, toy playing and family carol singing time! My generous and thoughtful husband bought me a new SLR camera (I have a lot to learn) which we both have already enjoyed...trying to take fun pics and learning all the various settings. Here are just a few of our Holiday highlights...

Christmas Eve was spent with Michael's family

Christmas morning we started off by taking Kate downstairs, showing her all of the fun presents to open, but all she wanted to do was eat her "vities" (the same vitamins she has been taking daily for weeks now) which have been hiding in her Frosty the Snowman stocking. Once the vities were down, we proceeded with the gifts. I now know that I need not spend time shopping for Michael, because he was much more entertained with Kate's toys than he was with anything else. :o)I finally got the waffle maker I have asked for and we started a new family tradition of Christmas breakfast waffles. After relaxing mid-day naps, we skyped my family in Cali and Kate sang to them, showing off her new toys...we headed over to the in-laws to see the rest of the family for more food, gifts and fun. Kate and Ally played together all night (two hours past Kate's bedtime too); they were too cute!

Kate adores her new FurReal elephant friend, aptly named Dumbo (Daddy was extra proud of himself for making this find). Later on we found Kate sitting by the window. She had lined up several animals to mourn the death of Frosty. She seemed to be ok with this though, since the song does say "he waved good bye, sayin don't you cry, I'll be back again someday"!

Do I have to go to bed now, Mama?! It's Christmas!

Waiting at the door for her cousins to arrive

Bedtime cantaloupe snack

Car ride to Somerset Mall this morning...the sun was apparently in her eyes

Waiting patiently in line at Banana Republic...there was a sale until noon, so those who qualified received a tag to hold on to. Kate wanted to share it with everyone who walked by...I think she should be a hat model...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Frosty the Snowman

So up to this point in her wee little life, Kate has had a few crushes...tied for second place at present time is Veggie Tales Baby Jesus and Bambi, first is Frosty the Snowman. So with the inch of snow we had yesterday, Michael made Kate her very first snowman, well "snowgirl" really since she is wearing a Dora the Explorer hat. She was decked out in her "penguins" (her penguin mittens), snow pants and her new snow boots which she wanted to wear everywhere. It was just her size and I love that she wanted to hold hands with it!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is almost here!

Attempt to fit into the oj box, which doubles as a choo choo train...found Frosty to be a better fit!

Earlier this week I set up the Veggie Tales nativity (courtesy of Nina--thanks) for Kate to wake up to...She is in love with sweet baby Jesus, a carrot, who she carries all around the house. I think she can relate to him due to the fact he has a pacifier in his mouth and since she is now constantly asking for hers.

Opening a "Christmas Tower" we received from very dear friends in the mail!

Signing cards for Christmas

First snow of the season! Not much on the ground yet,but it was a good warm up for what lies ahead.

Candy House decorating with Auntie Coco this morning! Lots of fresh icing and tons of candy...after filling up on the treats, Kate found Merlin the cat to be much more entertaining.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Family Fun

Dressed up for Christmas pics...take 2

I came downstairs a few nights ago and heard Michael telling Kate to stay still and hide from Mommy. This is what followed. Such fun memories created.

Christmas in Cali

So Kate and I had a short but very sweet visit to California this weekend. My parents were soooo excited to see her...a Christmas tree was beautifully decorated with gifts underneath and surprises in her stocking, we took daily trips to a tiny playground that overlooks the Pacific, walked around a city block to look at some impressive Christmas lights...all the while having good quality time with each other.
Thank you, Mom and Dad for a wonderful getaway and Michael, for sharing your girls while left at home all alone

Some of the highlights...
Kate "flying" down the hall with Papa T

Gingerbread House making with Lauren... she suggested we use a glue gun for the walls and roof. Some may call that cheating, I call it pure genious!

Kate opening her gifts...colorful books, adorable outfits and pajamas, her soon to be worn Easter dress and eating "vities" (her children's vitamins) that she pulled out of her stocking each morning and LOVES them.

Chasing and feeding flocks of seagulls

Good memories