Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 years...hard to believe

Today is our six year anniversary...Michael planned a surprise family adventure which led our family of four to a quaint and delicious waffle restaurant for breakfast. This was followed by a leisurely stroll around a town that is too cute for words and a tremendous park with a squirt zone just Kate's size. Take out lunch, from Simple Sandwich, eaten on a classic bench in the town square proved to be an excellent choice for our hungry tummies and for pure relaxation. This perfect summer day was topped off with ice cream delights.

Thank you, Michael, for making this anniversary one to remember for all the years to come! I love you and am loving living life with you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

our boy

his italian heritage coming through..hey, how ya doin'?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thank you, Mama Lynn, for my incredible new stickers! I love them and can't wait to make other creative works of art using them! Love, Kate

PlaY dAtE

Kate and Joseph had a blast with their friends Alina, David and Jonathan! Keri probably has some great pictures too, but here are a few captured moments of how the morning went down. Next summer it won't be quite so easy once these three boys are running around instead of laying around!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

times together

kate is in love with her brother and adores teaching him all about this wonderful world we live in...

4 months and a new hair-do

I am now 4 months old, sleeping like a champ and eating like one too! I am quite a social chatterbox; I love to smile and am happiest when I someone is talking to me. My parents have discovered that I am ticklish and have mastered the great skill of laughter. Mommy got a bit frustrated with my awesome comb over that I was sporting, so she buzzed first haircut and oh yeah, I look good!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Days in Cali

Our family of four recently returned from a visit to Papa T and Mama Lynn's house (we like to call in Rancho Relaxo). It was just that...relaxation + incredible weather + memories made with grandparents + bonding with aunties and uncles + swimming with friends + water slides + accidentally launching daughter off water slide + tropical flowers and foliage + hot air balloons + hummingbirds + mother-daughter beachside luncheons + couch naps on Sunday afternoon + shaving "fuzzies" with Papa + golf, golf, golf (for Michael) + bundt cakes +puddle boots + dancing to "Jika" (an African praise song) with Kate + Del Mar + seagulls + swinging in hedgies (hammocks) + books with Mama Lynn + gelato + Carter's outlet + steel oat cookie crumble cakes = our visit to California this summer!