Thursday, November 24, 2011

HaPpy ThA nKsGivinG

All I want for Christmas is...a family picture...and I don't even mean a portrait or anything formal. Just some documented proof that we are indeed a family, that there are currently four of us and I would prefer for it to capture how much we LOVE being a family.

Well, tonight was an attempt. Didn't go so hot! I am almost certain every family has these moments, but positive that no one catches these moments quite like this! In case the picture doesn't explain it enough, allow me to narrate: Joseph- completely undone by the fact we as parents told him he had to wait to eat his dessert...just long enough to say "cheese"; Kate- already done smiling for the camera as this was one of the final takes of the photo op; Michael- had the sneaky suscpision from the start that this was not set up well; and then me- desperate for any possible picture that could possibly turn out but deep down knowing tonight it just wasn't going to happen.

Although it may appear quite the contrary, we DID have a very relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving as I hope you did too!