Thursday, July 21, 2011

the great detroit zoo

Last weekend, along with the Duvall family, we took the kids to the zoo, for Joseph this was a first. His reaction to almost every animal was surprise with his little hand covering the mouth as if he was shocked to see such wonder before his eyes. Kate and Addison had fun scampering about too! Michael and I actually bought a season pass and found that we have much to learn from our seasoned zoo-goer friends...notice the shade umbrella Kaylee is sporting.

Side Note:
Now walking, Joseph has found that he has many passions whether it be taming tigers, or hiding from Mom in the dryer. My boy is always fun and full of smiles.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sandbox Expressions

The face of our 14 month old somehow keeps me quite entertained, especially when he is making new discoveries! Now, just to figure out a way to keep him from eating the sand...


Ohio visits to Great Granny's, custard at Welches with Papa T & Mama Lynn, California visitors, lengthy naps, sandboxes and pools, indoor campouts, a (finally) walking little boy in the house...summer has been full & we are enjoying every minute!