Thursday, April 21, 2011

it begins

out swinging kate this morning when our neighbors black lab, sam, begins to bark...
kate: hi, sammy! mommy, why don't we have a dog in OUR yard?

me (struggling to find a spectacular answer that will convince my 3 yr old that we never, EVER need an animal): um...because we need a fence around the whole yard.

kate: yes, i think we need a dog.

me: what would you name the dog?

kate: toto

i obviously failed at convincing her!

Palm Trees Grow Where?

Kate had a conversation with Grandma yesterday while pretending they were in Hawaii. Kate had out her beach blanket and they were having tea. It went like this:
Grandma: Kate, is it warm in Hawaii?
Kate: Yes!
Grandma: What kind of tree grow in Hawaii...pine trees or palm tree?
Kate: Umm...pine trees.
Grandma: Oh really? Well then, where do palm trees grow?
Kate (without hesitation replies: At Papa T's!

Friday, April 15, 2011

How does a year pass so quickly

Joseph Michael...precious boy, you are ONE! I love that you made me smile today when you peeked your cute head around the corner, grinned and waved hello, then proudly clapped at your own cleverness! I love that you made your Daddy's day when you tugged on his pant leg, extended your arms up to give him the sweetest hug around his neck! I love that Kate wants to "help" you with everything and you beam whenever she pays the slightest attention to you! You are loved more than I know how to describe and you will forever and always be our sweet boy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kate is Fweeeee!

All at once and all too soon, our sweet little girl is transforming from toddler to girl! Climbing, running, dancing ballet and using the proper French terms for each particular ballet move, big girl cups, potty training, sharing with her brother and memorizing her Bible stories from cover to cover. Kate, Mommy, Daddy and Joseph love you oh so much and are so proud of the darling girl you are each and every day!

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

The "tree house"

...thirty pounds of bolts and screws
...blood, sweat, toil, and lots of Coca-Cola later
...the birthday girl and boy were surprised with the "tree house"
(as a side note, i definitely had the more difficult role of trying to keep Kate from peeking out the windows to see where all that noise was originating!)

...many happy family memories to come, all from a few pieces of cedar and screws!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Prince Frog & his Princess

Joseph was dedicated at church this morning...thank you, Pastor Carl, for your challenge, encouragement and prayer to remember that Joseph truly is God's and will ultimately make His way known to Joseph no matter what life may bring!

Since Joseph (already turning one!) and Kate's (already turning three) birthdays fall only five days apart, we threw them a party together! Kate was quite the princess and wore her Belle gown until the other kids were on the ground playing with balloons and decided that a less fancy dress would be better for playing! Joseph sported the dapper look in his sweater vest and simply played with the balloons.

The coordinating cakes and cupcakes turned out to be so adorable (Thanks, Auntie Li, for a job well done. I could not have pulled it off without you!). Joseph did not have a clue what to do with his smash cake. He just poked at it and finally Michael took Joseph's hand, smooshed it into the cake and...well, he was not pleased with the sticky mess on his little fingers.

Kate, however, licked the frosting off of three cupcakes, loved blowing out her candles, and staring at the princess cake. Plus there are just enough leftover cupcakes to take to her play school class tomorrow. Very exciting for a young girl who is denied sugar at every turn!

They both did well opening presents and lastly we surprised the kids with a gigantic play scape that Michael (and a few other brave souls) tirelessly built and it looked AMAZING. Kate LOVED it and all the kids went outside to try it out.

A good day, a good party, good memories! Thank you to everyone who came and made Kate & Joseph's celebration so special! We missed you, Papa T and Mama Lynn!