Wednesday, May 30, 2012

6 weeks and counting...

Baby Thomas,we love you more each day. Your brother and sister smother you, literally, with kisses and hugs. Kate often tells me how you are "so cute I cannot stop touching him". Joseph always wants to hold you. Daddy likes to lovingly refer to you as "Thalmus" (he took lots of biology classes, sorry!). I am so completely amazed and grateful that you are so well behaved...eating every 4 hours and up only once a night since you were born, already have the best restaurant manners ,letting me eat my food without making a peep, you can fall asleep and stay asleep anywhere. Plus you are so handsome that I could stare at you all day. Keep growing, learning and staying healthy just as you are!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

birthday boy

Happy Birthday to the best husband who is loved ever so mucb, to the daddy who is adored by his children, to the man who desires to follow Jesus with everything and fights fiercely for his family when duty calls...and to the golfer that lies beneath. Happy Birthday, Michael! We love you and are glad you had a great day doing one of your most favorite things!
just in case you were wondering...Thomas is saying, "You're the best, Dad! Wahoo!"