Thursday, July 30, 2009

memories not captured, but defintiely remembered

What a fun day I had with Kate! After she was very brave and had her last round of shouts til she is four, we met up with some of her friends, and mine too, (including Shannon, Yvette and April)at Metro Beach water park. The kids had a blast! Kate found one of the tiny bubbling water fountains squirting into the air, promptly sat down and attempted to drink the entire thing. She loved watching the older kids run and tried to follow; poor thing did a face plant on the ground, but recovered nicely.

Did I have her lunch? Check! Did I bring her towel? Check! Did I have an extra set of dry clothes? Check! Did I have my camera? (sigh) No!!! I guess we will simply have to return another time.

We just returned from a relaxing evening at our good friends, the Semlow's, where Kate had her first power wheels ride in a cool Barbie Jeep. She looked so proud and happy as she sat next to Keagan! Kate attempted to drive the smaller motorized version all by herself too. Did I have my camera this time? ARRRGHHH! No! What was i thinking?! Oh well, since Michael frequently invites himself over for dinner, I am sure we can repeat the Jeep ride too! And next time...I will have pictues to prove it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doctor visit and "creative writing"

Kate had her 15 month check up today and was marvelous! She was dancing when the doc came in, laughed when he checked her tummy and showed off her motor skills by opening the exam room door (a first) while I was asking questions. A much needed nap and then we painted a picture for Mama Lynn (my mom). We sent one just last week, but silly me folded and that simply would not do. So we have made yet another imaginative finger/paintbrush creation! Voila!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm back...

well, the cord to download pics is back...Michael was away at CFL kids's camp for a week and I couldn't find that stinkin little cord. He had it nicely tucked away in his office at church. Anyway, Kate and I had a busy but good week while Michael, Auntie Lauren ("Lala" to Kate) and everyone else were gone. So glad that they are back. Here are the missing photos of the past few weeks.

I have the honor of being Cinderella at CFL kids camp for the princess tea party. What a blast! The campers (and the camper buddies)all had a great time!

Lauren and her awesome fellow camper buddies Jessica and Sarah

Phil and Michael are the new twins! Gotta love the matching plaid!

Pool time! Splash splash is a favorite passtime in our household.

Kitty and Kate

I promise I do not pose her for these pictures...she is just a natural!

Do not go Auntie Lala

Kate not happy about the camera, but oh-so glad to feed her baby

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Ohio style

So our family of three took a road trip to visit my Granny's house in Ohio...Kate was a doll on the car ride. Aunts and uncles. cousins galore; plus Dad and Justin were there too, which made for a tiny family reunion! $th of July we had a huge bbq with the fam. Later that night we walked to the Winery and sat on a lovely grassy knoll overlooking downtown Akron and watched fireworks all across the skyline. It was a perfect night to enjoy being out doors. Of course, my camera battery died so my dad has most of the pics, but here are a few...

Sleeping Beauty

Here, smell this!

Michael really enjoying his time! :o)Seriously, he really did have fun!

My lil reader and catching up on the comics

Me and bro enjoying our meal

Watching the huge fish at Pad Thai. Kate was enthralled!

Papa T and Kate at Welch's Cremery

Friday, July 3, 2009

Daddy's lil girl

Like father like daughter...a few days ago Michael and Kate happened to dress alike. Typical Molloy's: 1. Looking in the fridge every few minutes (just in case something new miraculously appeared, I guess). 2. Carefully examining their food. 3. Working hard at whatever they put their mind to do. 4. Reading whenever they get the chance!