Thursday, September 30, 2010

new homestead

in case you haven't heard, we are now home owners and we couldn't be more excited! The moment we first walked in michael and i decided we wanted to stay. the house welcomes you with its warm colors, has a great layout for both raising a family and entertaining AND is immaculate! we don't have to do a thing. we love the paint, the floors, the yard...God is truly faithful and we are thankful that He has blessed us with exactly what we needed, asked for and so much more. Cannot wait move in and call it HOME!

this is the chair michael is trying not to covet. he sat down and was quite smitten.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


although each day has its moments and every evening i am sooo ready to plop into bed...but these faces and the sweet persons inside them make every moment worth it!

This precious boy is so full of joy and wonder! He is either smiling at us, laughing to himself or enthralled with watching whatever his big sister is doing. He does possess an ear-piercing scream, but he only shares that when he is starving...and really you can't blame him for that!

2 teeth!!!!
Kate was all tucked into bed, even quiet for several minutes when I heard her at her door. I rolled my eyes thinking I was in for a "fight" to get her to bed. When I opened the door all she said was, "Mommy, I need another hug!". She then gave me one of the longest and best hugs in the whole world. And she did go back to bed without another peep.

Cider Mill Time

It was a perfect late afternoon for a visit to the cider mill...crisp air, smell of fresh donuts wafting through the air, petting zoo and pumpkins! After running all over the place, tossing rocks in the river, riding ponies (Kate's favorite), eating warm donuts and drinking yummy apple cider we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Papa Brian.

Happy birthday, Papa! We love you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 months

At the five month mark I have hit some great milestones...rolling over like mad (although I sometimes forget how to flip back over and get a bit angry), grabbing everything within reach, belly laughing and I even sprouted my 1st tooth today (noticed first by Daddy)!

Hey! Hey, Kate, I think Mommy's gonna take our picture...
Say "cheese"!
Ok, if you won't pose, then I will!
Joesph Michael, you are such a delight (even when you spit up all over us). Your sweet smile that beams from ear to ear melts my heart! I love the way you adore your big sister and light up whenever she is around...I want to bottle up these moments, yet cannot wait to see who you become!

Monday, September 13, 2010


over the labor day weekend michael and i were able to get away with a few friends for peaceful time to ourselves. lots of laughs, mostly at michael and matt bantering back and forth, snug car rides (four of us squished in the back row of the bunk trail blazer) proved to be great bonding time, salivating over pretzel bun burgers, following nina through forceful winds/insane waves/freezing cold as she transformed into a storm chaser, sleeping in til 8:30am (only once, but boy was it nice), golfing with our boys on a brisk sunday morn, banana grams, double rainbows and so much more...good memories were made, great times were had by all!

just singing and dancing in the rain

Hmmm...which yacht should I take out today?

These gentlemen should all be on the pga tour, but they chose to play with us instead!

sweet moments

just some catch up pics from day to day life...kate now loves to smile like a "princess" while holding her dolls, run around the house like a crazy person for 45 minutes (no joke) pretending she is a dinosaur while wearing michael's shirt on her head, joseph just chillin' and enjoying life at almost 5 months

Do you see what I see?

What do you first think of when you see this? Apparently, Kate saw hot chocolate. After a long day, she sweetly walked up and asked me if I would "like some hot choc-o-lat, Mama?"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

fun-packed morning

fountains + veggie playground + surprise good bag waiting on the doorstep = one happy girl

thanks, mama lynn for your thoughtful and fun package! kate loves her "goodies", read her new Froggy book three times and can't wait to wear her new froggy outfit too!

DaiLy FuN

four and a half months ago we didn't know we could love two little people so much!

thank you, Lord, for these precious blessings!