Saturday, July 24, 2010

goofy faces & fun memories

Kate's vocabulary and sentence structure seems to have exploded over just the past few weeks. I adore the sound of her sweet voice (with the exception of whining) whether she is singing along with me, she surprisingly hits most of the notes and words, or giving Joseph the "tour" of her kitchen and food items she selected for him to taste...

Here's a banana, Joseph! Boots (the monkey from Dora) eats bananas! this peach. It is tasty!

I will go make something, Baby Joseph. (Lettuce and mushrooms were in her hands as she turned to cook in her kitchen.) Nummy time!

There's a princess in me!

The princess who found the eye shaddow and lip gloss...lovely!

Kate was able to join us at CFL kids' camp for the princess party...she was so excited all day long to see all the animals in the barnyard (although she would not pet them because they were "stinky, Mommy!"). She danced with the other princesses, then she heard that there was a birthday party and she was ecstatic. She donned a Hello Kitty party hat as her tiara and was transformed into a mini Cinderella. The campers were reminded that they are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside, learned that because God showed grace to us when we didn't deserve it, they should show grace to others too. Doing your best and never ever, ever giving up were also take home points. All in all, a fantastic way to end camp!

trying on Cinderella's glass slippers

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bit of pool time fun

Some fun loving friends (aka: Semlow and Bunk families) came over yesterday and boy, did we all have a good time!

A sad attempt to get a picture of all the girls...

And Christopher bobbing through, carefree as can be.

Oasis of Relaxation turned Wave Pool

This was a few days ago, but too cute not to post...Miss Independent

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ode to the Paci

Kate has been without her beloved pacifier for three days now,
Typically this would cause her to cry and have a cow.
The paci, the paci. Oh how it gave her such delight as she slept and woke.
Then she chewed several holes in it (literally), Kate told me it was broke.
To avoid a choking hazzard and to end the habit too,
I gave the end a large snip but as far as Kate knew...
The paci has "died" says she with a sad look in her eye,
But the sucking is finished, it's over, it's through.
One day she'll look back and thank me that this happended when she was only two.

Just some random pics

My very own Betty Crocker is quite at home in her kitchen

Three months old...I rolled over today from tummy to back several times in a row!

Playing together

Hip girl with things to do, places to go

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Road Trip

Down to Ohio we went. Just our little visit my Granny, cousins, aunts and uncles...It was an extra bonus that Dad, Lauren and Justin were there too! Kate was thrilled to play with Papa T. Mama Lynn even sent a special surprise for Kate (which she LOVED). Those pictures will be posted soon. We had a great time mostly eating, picking blueberries and raspberries, and simply relaxing.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Conversation earlier today:

Me: Kate, how did your pillow get that way?
Kate: I am a sea turtle, Mommy!

12 weeks & our swimmer

A few days a go, Kate decided she wanted to swim...all by herself and her arm floaties. She literally pushed me away and said, "Mommy, Kate swim!". She loves the water and loves being able to bob around the pool on her own. We sure are proud of your courage and determination, Miss Kate! (actual proof to come, still have to upload the pics)

Joseph went swimming for the first time with Daddy and was so relaxed just chillin' in the pool (which was the perfect temperature Papa Brian).

Monday, July 5, 2010

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

So, I keep waiting for a picture where our hair is put up neatly, we are both smiling at the camera, looking like true Cinderellas...but as this may never happen with Kate soon growing out of her dress (and mine needing unfortunate adjustments year to year), I decided to go ahead and post these pics. Thanks goes out to our talented seamstress (and good looking photographer) who made these mommy~daughter memories possible!

Independence Day 2010

This Molloy fam ad a relaxing day just being together, swimming in Grammy and Papa Brian's pool and skyping Papa T and Mama Lynn. We love our wonderful family!