Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

moments matter

Ok, so I worked in the nursery tonight and, boy, was it crazy! For most of the 2 hours I was strangely reminded of being at the zoo (a very clean, loving and hygienically safe one for all you moms out there who have children in the nursery), but there was a moment which lasted for only several sweet minutes...At the peak of our precious toddler's meltdowns, I placed them once again in their snack seats and put on a Hillsong Kids CD. To be honest, it took a few second for them to quiet down enough to hear that music was playing. Once they heard the worship songs I (looking quite ridiculous I am sure) began jumping around, clapping my hands saying "praise Jesus" and asked my little ones to to the same. And you know what? They did just that! Tiny hands were clapping, shoulders were groovin' to the beat, a few arms even went up in the air to praise their Creator! My heart was elated as I watched in amazement the worship service that was taking place before me. I mean, Kate does this at home and I absolutely LOVE it, but to have all of them praise at once was so special to watch. I think it was James, Kate, Alina, Logan, Kaylie, Zoey, Jayden and Ella who joined in...(Esther was watching and Christopher was showing off his new trick of sitting up to Miss Linda)

So yes, nursery ministry was not easy tonight, but it was well worth the two hours of controlled chaos to enjoy the sweet few minutes of such tiny hands purely raised/clapping/dancing to the One who gave them to us.

So keep it up parents! All that hard work that is going into training these small humans is starting to pay off. Moments matter! heart can smile and forever look back on and look forward to such moments as these!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cali part III

Enjoying a quick bfast at Einstein's...french toast bagel, yum yum!

Sharing bfast with Simba

More swimming with Daddy

We siblings (minus Jeff-we missed you) took off for the afternoon and started with the Santa Monica Pier.

On our way through Beverly Hills-a Rolls Royce with a bike rack

Prada models on Rodeo

Universal City Walk...

Guess who is holding the camera?!

Shoe shopping in Mama Lynn's closet, playing with a big stuffed animal doggie, just about the same size as the carolers and the angels

Hmmm, where should I start next with my interior design?

Bath time!

Myles attempting to win Kate's heart with fruit the end of the evening I think he succeeded! Go Myles!

Celebrating the August birthdays at the University Club...34 floors up in downtown SD overlooking an amazing skyline including Petco Park. Incredible service, outstanding menu and most importantly enjoyable time with the fam!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cali part II

Ladybug swimming with Papa...She loves this thing!

Pretty toes! Kate keeps looking at them, pointing, smiling, pointing then making all those nearby take notice too.

Cruisin' in Cali

Child genius?!

Toy store with the grandparents...Kate literally squealed with delight as she stepped foot into the store and saw all the stuffed animals, puzzles, puppets, trains and more!

Heartbroken that the gecko she almost touched ran away, peeked its head back out of the bushes and then disappeared forever

Dinner at Pei Wei...little girl like chopstick

Thanks Papa T & Mama Lynn for a fabulous day and a yummy dinner!

The latest expression...Where is it?

Wrapping up the day

This one's for you Li...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cali part 1

So our first few days away have been filled with fun of course! Kate has been enjoying chasing Bagheera (Auntie Lala's kitty), wondering around the house and are a few of the highlights thus the way, I am using a Mac to upload these pictures and it is horrible! So just know there are lots more pictures and videos, but the silly computer is making it difficult.

Frozen yogurt with Auntie Lala. Mmmmmm!

First time in her swimsuit on the beach. It took her a while to warm up the the ocean and her feet being "dirty" in the sand. She was a fast learner.

Seaside playground with Papa T

Justin is now a pro at holding his niece

Lunch with Grandpa Sam,a long time family friend who was able to come down and visit

Swirls in Del Mar, one of the best fro-yo places ever! You serve yourself whatever flavor you choose and add any topping you could imagine!

We were able to watch the hot air balloons fill up and take off...both of these little ladies anjoyed this thoroughly!

Carlsbad outlets

Kate all pooped out from shopping