Thursday, April 30, 2009

It has been a busy are the highlights of Kate's world. She was given a massive amount of clothes, which she enjoyed "sorting" through.

In the mix a bright purple sweat suit was found and tried on as a tribute to Uncle James' Barney-colored outfit he adored as a child.

I frequently find this sweet girl walking around the house singing her little heart out both to music I may be playing or her own that she simply makes up on the spot.

I heard some giggling yesterday in the direction of our stairs. As I approached this is what I 12 month old is already "texting"!

As a bonus, today Kate's mysterious 2 week fear of the bathtub has miraculously disappeared. Can't keep this girl away from the tub and she has found a new love for splashing. She also learned to kick a ball today, but there is not a picture to prove this...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunshine & Rain

Saturday: So our little family of three thoroughly enjoyed the weather this Saturday. After gathering her purse in preparation for an exhilarating trip to Home Depot for flowers to fill my flower boxes, Kate & I had a picnic in the backyard after enjoying a lovely walk in the neighborhood...Yes, she walked & refused to let me hold her. What a big girl! She later pranced around the house attempting to put on her new pretty shirt from Auntie Kortni...for 30 minutes straight. We wrapped the evening up with a fun filled time at Swanky Franky's to hear the Lil' Demicks band play. Esther & Kate did have fun even though it looks otherwise.

Tuesday: Today was wet and rainy with gusts of wind, so no walks outside were in store. However, we did make a quick shopping stop at Old Navy where Kate helped me choose a small something for the newly arrived Lillian Grace. We had a blast. Before coming inside for the night we ran into the rain for some spinkles on our smiling faces and caught a bit of our first rainbow of the year reminding us of the faithfulness of our God!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Thursday

I am a little behind...Here are the highlights of our Thrusday together: Kate had a busy morning of attempting to flush the toilet as well as taking the Strawberry Shortcake balloon (yes, it is still around) on a walk by the hand. Kate then had her 12 month check up, which she thoroughly enjoyed since she was in the "Nemo" room. Afterward, we headed to the park for a stroller ride...She loved watching the obnoxious seagulls flying around, was enthralled with watching the big kids on the swings & even enjoyed her first playground experience! So glad that spring is finally here!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter egg hunting this morning!

Mom, is this the best basket you could find?!

Looking oh-so-cute in my Easter dress!

Friday, April 10, 2009

One Year!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

new toy discoveries

Birthday girl has had a blast with all of her new toys! One morning this week, she awoke to find Strawberry sitting in her chair!

Zebra bouncing time!

Wagon and blocks...what great towers are yet to be built! Ignore Chris Quilala on the tv. Don't know why he looks like a smurf.

Dora Car...Hola! Fantastico!

Stroller ride for baby or Kate?!

Baby Birthday Book

Busy Bunny Book

Intense conversation with bunny about...something; not quite sure what it entailed.

Rocking baby!

Hope you all have a happy spring day! Smiles, K