Friday, April 30, 2010

Lil Bit 'bout Week 2

It has been a good, busy but relaxing week. Adjusting to life with 4 in the house has had its moments, but has by far been better than what I had pictured in my head. My mom was able to fly in from California to stay with us and help out this past week. Not only did we have terrific meals each night, but she did the grocery shopping, spoke encouragement every chance she got and was quite the doting Mama Lynn to Kate and Baby Joseph. We all loved having her here and Kate cried at the front door when she had to leave. Thanks Mom for all you did and continue to do for me and my growing family!

Kate played for hours in her room dressing her dolls and animals, tucking them in and waking them up, then repeating the whole sequence over and over. She is using sentences now and her vocabulary expands daily. Her latest phrase additions: "oopsy-daisy", "oh man", "uh-oh-spaghetti-o"

Practicing butterfly dances (funny how she won't take the wings off now even though she wanted nothing to do with them at her butterfly themed party a few weeks ago)!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Moments to Remember

Joseph and his "coat of many colors"

Baby Brother isn't the only one around here who is tired...

So much fun to be had with froggie finger puppets and Mommy's donut tube

Kate has had her moments, but overall she is adjusting beautifully to having Baby Brother around. She loves to tickle his toes, laugh at his squeaks and play contentedly while he sleeps.

Maddy and Christopher came over for a few yeterday bringing with them a fun gift and lots of entertainment for all.

5 Days Old

6 Days Old

ThAnKs AunTie Li Li

Kate here just to send a great big thank you to Auntie Li for my very fun and oh-so-cute birthday gifts that arrived in the mail! Now I have an adorable Freckle Box lunch box for Grammy's house (instead of a paper Starbucks bag) PLUS a Wonder Pets blanket to help save the day even when I am napping in my big girl bed.

Love you, Li Li!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day Three

Just a few snapshots from the hospital two days old...

...and today, wide awake. Yes, he is wearing pink, but let me explain. Joseph had just finished what I thought was a successful diaper change when I went to pick him up. Much to my dismay, he had managed to pee through his fresh diaper, onesie, blanket and my comforter was soaked. So I ran to find fresh supplies and a pink blanket was the lucky winner. He still looks quite masculine and distinguished. He can totally pull off pink!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Joseph

Tah-Dah! Joseph Michael arrived at 8:13am, April 15, 2010 weighing in at 6.9 lbs, measuring 19.5 in, and being as healthy as can be! Michael and I went to the hospital the night before so they could start medication. Thankfully I was contracting a bit on my own, didn't need the medication and slept relatively sound til 4am when they started pitocin (let the contractions begin!). Water broke at 5am (dilated to 4cm), but I stayed comfortable til about 7:30am when I asked if I could get something to take the edge off since it was going to be a while til I got my epidural...well, um, needless to say things began moving fast after that...contractions by 8 were pretty uncomfortable and I was getting pouty about getting my epidural sooner than later. That happened to be when they said, "Sorry Hun. You are complete. No time for an epidural." WHAT?! No epidural?! But, but, but...Can you at least give me something for pain? "It is called pushing the baby out." *sigh* At this point I think I am going to cry, but I figured the sooner I push, the sooner all is over and done with...So push, push push plus two more pushes and we had a baby! I know that there were major prayers going on before, during and after this delivery for it to be so smooth (he had the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck and had no complications). Thank you, Jesus, for a healthy baby boy, a loving husband, sweet daughter and the most supportive family ever created!

So, I introduce to you Joseph and our new family of four!

Michael sprawling on the "death trap" as he refers to the pull out bed on which husbands are supposed to sleep. I was quite benevolent and let him share my hospital bed...kinda cozy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pre-Baby Day

So today was real baby day, but more details and pics to come tomorrow after a good night sleep!

Yesterday, Kate and I spent the entire day together. She helped me do some last inute shopping, wrapped Baby Brother's gift that she picked out for him (no surprise that it has an elephant on it...she loves "Dumbo") and we both wore our new spring flip flops! New transitions to come, but if we have such phenomenal memories with one little one, my guess is that having two is just an added bonus from Above!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate

Kate's day was full of some of her favorites...unfortunately my camera battery was dead all day, so pictures are lacking, but this did not stop our fun.

~smoothies and waffles for breakfast while watching the Wonder Pets

~dressed "baby brother" doll, fed and burped him

~went to the Bounce House and LOVED the 25 foot slides, LOVED going down by herself and LOVED having her friends Kaylie and Drew there too

~when given the choice of lunch options she chose pizza

~had playtime outdoors on this lovely spring day while skyping Papa T and Mama Lynn

~a quick trip to Grammy and Papa's house for hugs

~she sang "happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday" literally all day long clapping her hands and swaying to and fro

~dinner out with more friends only to have the waitresses sing her a birthday song and deliver a hot fudge sundae

~pet store walk through just to say hello to the parrots, sea turtles, Nemo and kittens

~a trip to the toy store where Kate pushed a toy shopping cart though the entire store and where Daddy helped pick out a small ZhuZhu hamster which Kate followed around the rest of the evening

~opened several cards that came in the mail (one hand delivered) to wish her a happy day, they now hang on the fridge

~bath time, books in bed and prayers...ahhh

A great day was had with a great lil gal! Happy Birthday, Peanut!

How Time Does Fly...

Growing up the adults around you are always saying "how fast time flies". Now as an adult and a parent, days, months and years those four words have become a reality. Two very short years ago, our lives were blessed with a sweet baby we instantly loved but did not yet know. Now we have so many sweet memories to last a lifetime and I pray the memories never cease to be created. Life with Kate has been so much more than we could have ever dreamed. How is it possible to love a little life so much?! Every day we thank God for our precious little girl who makes our hearts melt with her smile and silly ways.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kate! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!

Last April: sweet one year old

sitting quietly and smelling the flowers

May: finger puppets

photo shoot in Rancho Santa Fe

June: our little "Michelangelo" was discovered

July: a true Molloy just like her daddy...has to look inside the fridge even if not hungry, likely won't take anything out, but has to look just in case something inside changed in the last few minutes

creativity galore

a love for reading

August: beach bummin' in Cali

September: lovin' the custard at Welch's in Ohio with Papa

first pony ride at the Cider Mill

October: first nature walk where she saw her first live "Bambi" and was able to wear her beloved penguin mittens

dressed up as the cutest Cinderella

November: helped decorate the house for Christmas

December: visited Papa T and Mama Lynn and remembered everything about the beach from the waves, seagulls, swing at the playground, the choo choo train that comes by and all the fun she has with her grandparents

fell in love with Frosty

January: discovered a passion for play-doh

February: met Minnie Mouse

transitioned to a big girl bed with greatest of ease

March: first sledding experience

April: more lovely than the prettiest Easter egg ever