Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little girl and her world

We had a wonderful thanksgiving with the family, great food, air hockey...Kate and RJ played well together. They loved posing for pictures.

Later that night, reading in jammies

Which one is Kate?!
So the other day we instituted "room time" during which Kate plays by herself and has to stay in her room alone. Surprisingly, no arguments only quiet...I peeked inside and found her reading to all of her animals that she had lined up perfectly. Let me tell ya, she certainly had a captive audience!

Reading "Chan-see" (Fancy Nancy-one of her most favorite books right now) with Daddy on the tummies in bed

Arranging her window clings that we found for $.79 at Joann's tonight!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here are a few pics...this first one was this morning as Kate helped me make brownies. How can you not just love that face?! She also had a special phone call from Daddy (who is the mysterious dark shaddow at the top of the stairs in the video), which surprisingly lasted quite some time. They were soooo cute talking to each other. Two of my most favorite people for which I am thankful. How I wish I could bottle up moments like these, capture the sweetness on a camera.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Bribe

So, my darling husband finally got the whole buying-a-four-wheeler out of his purchasing one. He convinced me it was a great deal (which according to all of his lil 4 wheelin buddies, that have come out of the wood work lately, it really was a great buy), has promised not to be stupid on the thing and attempted to take Kate on a "ride" in the driveway today. The "ride" was actually a bribe. I know, I know. I bribed my 19 month old into taking a longer nap by promising her a ride with Daddy on his new "bike". She was so excited that she obeyed, then squealed in sheer delight when Daddy woke her up from her nap to ride it.

Talking to Papa T on her cell phone

Thursday, November 12, 2009

trumpets, raincoats & "cheese"

Discovery of trumpet playing

adorable spring raincoat...a bit big still, but oh so cute

All week long when asked to smile, Kate would grin from ear to ear and say "cheese". I appropriately thought that I should get Christmas/18 month pictures taken. She would be beautiful in her Christmas dress, she would be happy and smile like never before...Oh was I mistaken. She did look great all dressed up and even said "cheese" on the way, but as soon as we stepped foot into the studio, she did not want any part of picture taking, was not fascinated by the Christmas tree backdrop and we left after 15 minutes as I was apologizing walking out the door. Hopefully we will have better participation next time...that is if I decide to be that brave. I even tried to recreate my own photo shhot at home later that day. Dressed her all up again, gave her Frosty, which she loved,but the little stinker wouldn't sit still for anything...At least I gave it a valiant effort, right?!