Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a little tune...

This is my happy, sweet almost two year old...and I love her to pieces!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cowgirl/Karate Kate

Inspired by a Dora the Explorer episode, Kate decided to be a cowgirl this afternoon, yelling what I interpreted as "yee-haw"! I love the big imagination inside this little peanut! Daddy has also been teaching her some karate moves he made up which sneak into the video too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Baby

For the past few weeks I have had the luxury of getting weekly ultrasounds due to the fact that baby was measuring smaller than expected. Thank you, Lord, that all has gone well so far...this was earlier today of our soon-to-arrive bundle of boy. Michael and I are both so eager to meet our little boy! What new, crazy, wild-at-heart adventures await our family as he becomes a part of our daily lives? Only God knows right now, but we get to be filled in shortly...hooray!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Princess Kate

After working three days in a row, I came home to a beautiful little girl decked out in a pearl necklace and a sparkling headband thanks to Auntie LiLi. This conversation took place shortly after.

Grandma asking Kate: Are you going to be teacher someday?
Kate (smiling mischievously): Nope.
Grandma: Are you going to be a doctor?
Kate: Nope.
Grandma: Are you going to be a weather man?
Kate (still smiling): No.
Grandma: Are you going to be a princess?
Kate: Yes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Even when I am grumpy...

It was a long day at work, it's not that anything in particular went wrong. I was just tired and kinda grumpy when I got home. But then Kate remembered that she is going to have cupcakes at her party in a few weeks and reminded me of all her cousins that will be there. She named each one...RJ, Ally, DrewDrew, made a cupcake for each one (in her new kitchen) and then wanted to draw each one with a party hat on her chalk wall. As I sat there drawing her requests with chalk watching her face thinking, speaking and being pleased with my artistic abilities (thank God she can use her sweet imagination for I am no artist), I had to stop and squeeze her.

Thank you, Lord, for such a beautiful little girl, full of life, sweetness and forgiveness even when I am grumpy. May our times spent together as mommy and daughter only get better...

And I mustn't forget my adoring husband, who at this very moment (10:12 pm) is running to the grocery store to buy me a pregnancy snack. Not that I am craving anything, but he just wants me to feel special and loved (or is he trying to get my belly to become massive in the next four weeks, hmmm????). Either way, I am grateful for such a loving, thoughtful and gracious husband to call mine!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chef Kate

For weeks our soon to be 2 year old has been pretending to make/serve Michael and I soup, smoothies, pour us milk, juice and just about any sort of edible possibility. Yesterday Kate received an early 2nd birthday present from Grandma and Papa Brian...a brand new kitchen, stocked with all the baking supplies a little girl could imagine. After nap time, we told her there was a special surprise for her waiting in the kitchen. Down the stairs she went and ran into the kitchen looking, looking and then she spotted it. Without words, merely a delighted/astounded look on her face, she ran over to her new kitchen and stood. Finally, "Mama, look!" came out and she then wasted no time in exploring the realm of culinary arts. I desperately tried to capture the smiles on her face, but she was so enthralled that I couldn't get her to face the camera. The best I could do was one of the following pics where you see her saying "cheese" but not able to completely turn her eyes away from her new gift. Thank you Grandma and Papa!

Cute side story: While driving home from church this morning, I asked Kate if she would bake Daddy a cookie when she got home. She looked at me slightly puzzled until I clarified that she should make the cookie in HER kitchen...Her eyes then lit up and she emphatically said, "Yes!" with the biggest smile you ever did see. And that is just what she did (and promptly put it in her fridge to keep it safe til Daddy got home too). I don't want these sweet days to end!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chalk and Smiles

So finally, we painted a chalk board on a kitchen wall. Kate had a great time coloring as high as she could reach. Ahhh! A new found activity that 1. Kate enjoys, 2. encourages creativity, 3. gives me those few extra minutes to get various things done around the house. Hooray for chalk paint (and once again, thanks to the Semlows for sharing)!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I need your help

So, I broke down and decided to try having pictures taken once again. Although this time we went to a different studio. These are not the proofs I ordered because they weren't "perfect" and I couldn't decide on the spot if I liked any of them enough to purchase. So I am hoping y'all can help Michael and I vote on the picture you like best or think captures Kate...we have a little bet going!