Sunday, November 14, 2010

Africa and Ice Cream

With the enormous 26 ft moving truck Michael brought from California were a few surprises sent for Kate from Mama Lynn...a huge giraffe and elephant, which she dubbed Twiga and Tembo respectively (meaning "giraffe" and "elephant" in Swahili she learned in a library book). As you can see, she was quite pleased! She currently has both animals in a corner of my in-laws living room and she frequently travels to "Africa" to go see these two new friends of hers.

Kate was also kind enough to make most of her family members ice cream cones out of her pay doh...both Papas, Mama Lynn, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Justin, Auntie Lauren and Kate all made the list!

Partridge Creek Tree Lighting

Yesterday I decided that since the kids had taken such great naps that I would take them to the Christmas tree lighting at Patridge. We met up with out good friends, the Poxon family, and the kids loved playing together with their color changing glow sticks, Andy waited in the Starbucks line for an eternity, we listened to the carolers and to top off the ceremony Santa and the drum line walked right past where our happy group was standing. Hooray for the holiday season, the scents, the cookies, the time with family and friends, but most of all for the "little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay"!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lil Bit O' Fall

We have been crashing with the in-laws for the past two weeks until our new home is ready...It has been lots of fun, nice and cozy, and almost like vacation for me. I haven't had to cook, clean, do hardly any laundry...I have become extremely spoiled to the point that I am a bit nervous to move into a big home and have to care for it without Grammy and Papa Brian to help. Thank you both for your graciousness, patience and helping hands during this time of transition. We would have been in quite a pickle without you!!!

Kate and Joseph are, of course, having a ball with all the attention and toys surrounding them! Kate is now talks a mile a minute, her imagination knows no bounds, has surprisingly shared several times with her little brother without cohersion, is hilariously animated during conversations, sings and dances without hesitation. She remains a joy and a delight! Joesph is almost seven months, pushing up onto his hands and knees, sitting unassisted for a short while without toppling, loves, loves, loves to be tickled. When tired he will nestle his face into my neck, always looking up one last time to give me a smile before drifting off to sleep. He is too sweet to describe, chubby, healthy, loves his peas and green beans and watches his big sister like she is his hero.

Here are a few moments captured this afternoon by Papa Brian after Kate helped rake the leaves...