Thursday, October 18, 2012


Around here we have been enjoying fall...the porch is decked out with corn stalks, a bale of hay and pumpkins galore. The leaves are glorious blend of gold, red and bright orange. I will treasure the walks the kids and I have taken around our neighborhood, exploring the different fallen leaf shapes, the beautiful weather and the talks we have while strolling (Kate is now riding her bike all over the place, but the boys I manage to contain in the double stroller). We are in transition-good transition, just like the season around us. I will soon become contingent at work, which means more time a home with my munchkins and more time that Michael can enjoy just being Dad. Joseph's voice, both sweet and boyish, sings "Jesus Loves Me" and "Hallelujah" to me every night as I tuck him into bed. Kate is becoming a young girl and her toddler days are now gone. With creativity and sparkle, that always surprises me, she has filled the "big sister" role in so many ways. Thomas is 6 months old today! He is healthy and HUGE for a Molloy baby. He is at least 17 pounds, eating cereal and baby food of all types (zucchini, banana, amaranth was a gobbled down before my eyes). He now enjoys playing peek-a-boo and belly laughs when he knows you are being silly. Squeals of sheer pleasure come from him when he has the attention of his big sister or brother. He sits with support and never wants to miss out on what is going on around.
Kate was supposed to go on a class field trip to the cider mill, however, I was not quite brave enough to maj=ke the trek with three kids with the weather prediction of 100% change of rain, thunder and we opted to get our own cider and donuts, set up the tent inside the house and have a grand picnic. in Kate's words it was simply "delicious".