Friday, April 18, 2014

Tom-Tom is Two!!!

Ah, the baby of the family...although he is not a baby any longer!
Thomas, you have always been the baby, yet you have always seemed older than your age. Maybe it is because you never want to miss out on a moment of fun. Or maybe your capability for "organizing" my cupboards by pulling everything out or your sweet attempts to set the table, making sure each person has the right colored IKEA plate in the correct spot. Perhaps it is the nearly constant bumps and bruises that appear on your forehead because you have climbed onto/jumped off of/rolled down something/tripped because you were trying so hard to keep up with others who were much older.
While you are definitely the one who has kept us on our toes every seconds of every day, you also have been the most "go with the flow" baby. You sleep well, eat even better (you take after your mama), play hard and love much. Books on our laps hold your attention for hours. You thoroughly enjoy play-doh and figuring out how to make a Lego creation. You can pound a foot long Polish sausage from Costco just like that! Hot dogs, you double fist. Smoothies, gone in approximately 30 seconds. Curious George stories and the Baby Einstein Baby MacDonald video make you laugh. You find animals fascinating as long as they are at a safe distance. Thanks to your sister, you also sing out key words in each of Disney's Frozen songs..."nowman" (Do you want to build a snowman)..."doooor"...(Love is an open door)..."it go" (Let it go). Joseph's influence of has given you a well rounded education on performing ninja moves, sword fighting, racing cars and running in circles, literally, around the house. All of a sudden your vocabulary has exploded. You have great conversations with everyone you meet. Thankfully, your paci has a boo-boo (the end somehow got snipped off...why, do you think I would do such a thing???) and you have given it up.
TomTom, we cannot imagine life without your vivacious presence in our home. Continue to grow, learn and love life with the same energy that drives you now. SO looking forward to knowing you better and hearing all your thoughts as you communicate more and more. Happy 2nd birthday, little one!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

JoJo is too grown up!

Joseph, you can't really be 4 today, can you?! You have always been and remain a tremendous source of joy and humor in our household. You love the color orange, fighting like a ninja (your moves and super awesome, dude), you know to stay off your back when wrestling with Daddy, you have been on your first real golf course AND drove the cart, your favorite foods are hot dogs, buttered noddles and pizza (broadening your taste buds is a goal for the near future). You are convinced that God gave you brown eyes the color of chocolate because you love all things chocolate so much! Your silly and contagious grin is unforgettable. Our cuddles during the few and far between nap times are precious. I love how you valiantly protect your little brother as well as bring reminders of the rules to your big sister when she pushes the boundaries. JoJo, you are brave, loving and hilarious! We love you to the moon and back...or as you would say we "love you a hundred-thousand miles and back". Keep giggling, fighting to protect others. Continue to soak up all the Bible stories you love us to read to you at bedtime. You will always and forever be our JoJo! Happy 4th birthday, sweet boy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I can't believe she's 6!!!

It is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that you have been in our lives for 6 years. Kate, you continue to amaze Daddy and I with your intelligence, creativity and wit. You have lost your first tooth. You learned how to swim in a moment of determination. You make the most beautiful pictures with any art supplies you find. You read well and excel in kindergarten. You sing with passion and could easily entertain large groups with your monologues. Your instinctive leadership shines whether at home with your brothers or in backyard full of neighborhood friends. You are determined and feisty, thoughtful and kind. Plus, you are the most adorable girl ever! We love you, Peanut, more than you could ever know. Never give up your love for life or desire for learning more. So proud of you and eagerly await the tremendous memories to come! Happy birthday to our big 6 year old!